Work In Progress, and seeing results

Work in Progress, and seeing results.

My work in progress has been brought under control recently following an injury which required me to rest for a week with my foot up. I have been able to catch up and finish several things which had been “on the go” work in progress for a while.

Banana Split twist
I have finished the Perran yarns Banana laceweight yarn pattern and sample, called Banana Split, for obvious reasons! This garment can be several different styles, depending on how it is sewn together, and is very flexible in fit. The laceweight yarn might seem a bit off-putting, (won’t it take me ages to knit it?) but the Banana Split pattern is knitted on 4mm needles, in plain garter stitch and thanks to the lovely light texture of the yarn, it creates a soft airy piece of knitting which looks lacy without all the complications of lace stitches! The pattern will be available from Monday, a perfect summer project to wear on holiday, and free with any purchase of Banana Laceweight yarn!




Also work in progress, my Maudie socks. I know, I’ve been knitting them for ages now, you are probably almost as fed up of them as I am!! The good news is, the second sock is easier than the first because I understand the construction and the pattern now, but the bad news is…I have other work in progress that’s more exciting and takes my time.

Detail of the crochet vintage blanket, work in Progress
Detail of the crochet vintage blanket, work in Progress



I have a crochet Vintage blanket on the go at the moment, made from Purely Gorgeous Aran Merino wool; its so lovely and soft and I’m really enjoying making it. I also have plans to make a hexagon crochet blanket designed by Nicky Trench using Nurturing Fibres cotton. I thought it would be really nice in seaside blues and aqua…should I really start something new while I have 3 other projects on the go?






The last work in progress piece I have is the Arrow shawl which I am knitting for a friend’s special birthday. All was going well, I had nearly got to the end of the short rows which make the shape, and realised I had made a fundamental mistake right at the beginning, so I had to pull it all out and cast on 288 stitches again. Argh! Good job her birthday’s not until August!


You may also notice I have a ball of the Time for Teal yarn waiting to be made into Anne’s Spotty socks. I’m being very restrained because I adore this colour and so want some socks made with this yarn, but I must finish dear Maudie….
What have you got on the go at the moment? Do you believe in having several projects on the go or are you more focused than me and just have one thing at a time. Whatever way you like to work, lets share what work in progress we have,  share the inspiration around!
Bye for now,


My amaryllis, blooming with neglect!
My amaryllis, blooming with neglect!



PS. This amaryllis is a work in progress too. It refused to flower at Christmas when it is supposed to, so I put it somewhere cool and dark and forgot about it. I found it the other day (when I was meant to be resting with my foot up!) and it was almost in flower. It hadn’t had a drop of water to drink for 4 months but with a bit of encouragement, sunlight and water it has flowered beautifully. Do you think if I leave my work in progress projects in the dark with no water, the same might happen? A plan for Maudie socks perhaps…!

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