What this means to me, why I care

What this means to me…Why I care…

Yesterday I was chatting to a friend with a distanced coffee. We were talking about her business and Gorgeous yarns, and also some of the emotional reasons we do what we do. We realised that being authentic was essential to us both and to express our personal selves through our work. As I thought about this inspiring conversation afterwards I remembered a recent post on a Facebook Business page I follow. It asked us to post a key word summing up our business starting with the first letter of our first name.

My name is Caroline, and the first word I thought of was Care, that’s what Gorgeous Yarns means to me.

Gorgeous Yarns was started after I had been ill for a while. It was a way for me to follow my dream, and care for my emotional well being as well as do something I cared about. Knitting and crochet have always been a part of my life and have lots of gentle and warm memories attached. I remember the care of my grandmother teaching me, and of Sunday afternoons in front of the open fire knitting with her and my mum. It is a memory full of love and care, Gran used to say you knit love into every stitch. I wanted to capture that feeling in my business and be able to live it every day.

Love in every stitch

Since beginning and building Gorgeous Yarns I have realised how much I care about what I do; the quality of the yarns, the colours and dye processes, the patterns I design but most of all the service to you, the customer. I care about that the most. It is important for me to know that you have the best yarn for your project, and I will not sell you something which won’t suit your plans. I care about your finished item, and how you will feel making it, wearing it and enjoying it. I care about the packaging and prompt postage of your parcel so that your experience of Gorgeous Yarns is positive. (If its not, I really want to know so I can fix it for you)

Running Gorgeous Yarns is a pleasure for me, and its very important to me that caring is part of that. The day I stop caring is the day I need to stop.

I will continue to muse on other words that sum up my feelings about my business, and talk again soon with you.

Best wishes,


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