Tunisian Crochet anyone?

Tunisian Crochet….I’ve been teaching myself, and its great fun! It really is a combination of knitting and crochet; 1 long hook, and creating stitches in one direction, then working backwards to cast them off. I’m doing the Tunisian Crochet simple stitch which gives a dense firm stitch, almost like fabric. I’m using Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim DK to make some rectangles that I hope will be good enough to become place mats. Its a great way to practice the stitch and I’m already feeling quite confident. The piece you can see is the sum of one evening’s work, so its quick to do too! I might give other stitches a go, or stick with this one, I’m not sure, but that’s the fun of learning something new and seeing what happens.

Close up of Tunisian Crochet simple stitch
Close up of Tunisian Crochet simple stitch


I have been using instructions from Inside Crochet issue 77. The instructions and mini master class are written with photos for every step so it really is as easy as one, two, three. In the same issue there is a pattern for a lovely summer vest top but I don’t think I’m up to that just yet!! A lot of Tunisian Crochet is made into blankets because of the dense textures, but there are free garment patterns available at Crochet Kim . I have a book of Kim’s too and it is very good for beginners with a variety of things to make with this interesting craft.

The origins of this yarn skill are a bit vague, but I enjoyed reading this piece about it…. and also here….

I have several crochet projects on the go now, and 2 knitting projects, as well as several winter patterns I have designed that need to be knitted and  trialed as sample garments…. looks like I’d better get busy! Jo-Jo is here on my lap “helping”!

Here's my cat Jo-Jo helping me write this blog!
Here’s my cat Jo-Jo helping me write this blog!

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