Time for a list!

I think its time for a list! At this time of year I seem to get more and more things that I need to do, places I have to be, things to make and things to get organised for Christmas. Well’ I’m a girl for a list! In fact, I sometimes get so obsessive and organised, I have a list of lists! Is that a bit bonkers or is that just me? So, currently, my lists run something like this:

The Hand made to do list:

  1. Finish the Inside Crochet cushion cover and write article 12 (Priority) Have you been following my crochet adventures…?
  2. Finish the crochet blanket made with Pirkka Lankka (For Christmas, quite a bit still to do.)
  3. Get on with the crochet Cowl (its a Christmas gift for someone special)
  4. Make the items for the Christmas craft fair (this can wait a bit, its for 4th December)
  5. Jar the home-made mincemeat
  6. Make Christmas cards

The Shopping to do list:

  1. Get lovely wrapping paper (Gorgeous Yarns offer a free gift wrapping service for all of December) and beautiful gift ribbon
  2. Get Christmas gifts list underway for Christmas shopping day. (and get train tickets for Christmas shopping day!)

The Gorgeous Yarns to do list: to be added to!

  1. Put the Gorgeous Kits on the site by Wednesday 11/11/15
  2. Arrange the Petit 4 gift boxes (Have you seen how really gorgeous they are as a special gift?)
  3. Prepare the Advent Calendar prizes ready for the draw on Sunday 22/11/15 Have you seen and entered our competition yet?)

etc, etc, etc,

The photo at the top is of my crochet cushion cover, made with Perran Yarns BFL/Silk DK in “She Sells Seashells” colourway. This colour is not currently available, I’m just trying it out, but I think it will be one for Gorgeous Yarns in the New Year, what do you think? The pattern is from the new Inside Crochet  “Complete Guide to Crochet” and has a plain back and a mini-pompom edge that I can’t wait to try.

crochet blanket
wrap up warm with a gorgeous Pirkka Lanka wool blanket




The crochet blanket has been on the go for most of the year on and off, and I want to finish it for Christmas. I love the warm, cosy colours and the yarn, Pirkka Lankka is ideal for this stitch as it gives great definition and shape.





A mini gift of 4 25g balls of Gorgeous Yarns and 4 patterns, beautifully wrapped.
A mini gift of 4 25g balls of Gorgeous Yarns and 4 patterns, beautifully wrapped




Have you had a look at the Petit 4 boxes we have? They have 4 25g balls of Gorgeous Yarns from our range, in a gift box with 4 patterns, and make an ideal gift for family and friends who like to create. Time for a list?






How are your lists getting on? Lots of projects to finish ready for Christmas? Why not have a lovely browse of our site and see what gift ideas you might find…. new needles from our extensive ranges, ChiaoGoo crochet hooks, a silk case or hand made project bag, a Gorgeous Kit, yarn and a pattern….perhaps you would like us to make up a gift for you. Please contact by email on gorgeousyarns@gmail.com if you have special requirements, or if you would like information or advice.

Hmmmm, time for a list…..

Bye for now,


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