The Gorgeous Yarns Story

The Gorgeous Yarns story really began as a dream when I was a child. Knitting, crochet and generally being creative have been important to me since I was little. I have enjoyed many hours making things and daily creativity has become an essential part of my sense of well-being.

The beginning…

A career in Occupational Therapy reinforced and sustained my belief in the value of purposeful and creative activity. I saw daily the benefits of purposeful, task led activity, whether it was through art, making things, or simply being able to manage daily self care routines. I began to read more and more research about the benefits specifically of yarn crafts; knitting and crochet. After a period of personal ill-health where daily creative tasks sustained me, I needed to make changes to my life. I needed to practice what I had been preaching!

The Gorgeous Yarns story began to take shape…. I wanted to create an online shop where customers could buy quality, natural and hand dyed yarns which made their precious creative time even more special.

I want customers to know that they will get the very best value in the products they buy and use; the longevity of the yarns as a slow fashion choice.

Natural Dyes

I hand dye yarns at home in my “dye kitchen” with natural, organic plant dyes. Some of the plant dyes are grown in my dye garden here in Cornwall. Growing and using natural and sustainable dyes, and carefully sourced, sustainable yarns has become the main focus for Gorgeous Yarns. I believe in long term sustainability; the yarn and dye sources. the careful use of resources like water, and the reuse and reduction of packaging and plastics across our products and service.

To find out more, have a look at our YouTube channel here.

I have been teaching natural dye workshops in person and via Zoom over the past few years. In the workshops I share my knowledge, skills and experience in using plant dyes, and encourage students to have a go and explore the potential of these safe, beautiful colours with all textiles.

Recently I have written articles for magazines about natural dyeing and other yarn related topics. See the Press page for more….

The Future…

In the future I hope to expand the varieties of plant dyes I grow and offer a wider variety of colours of yarns and in the dye kits. In the near future a new method dye kit will be launched which will increase the variety of techniques that customers can try at home. I am working closely with several businesses to help them develop natural dyeing processes for their products, and will be involved in ongoing support and staff training on a consultancy basis. I have several regular custom dye commissions and I am happy to discuss this option with other suppliers on a wholesale basis.

Please contact me if you want to know more about Gorgeous Yarns; our yarns and dye kits, workshops and teaching, consultancy, custom dyeing or articles for magazines.