The Best Made Plan, of mice, men or otherwise!

I like to plan! I have a planner and lots of lists, and it helps me stick to the tasks I have to do each day rather than frantically flitting about doing a lot of not much! So, back to the plan…. I planned to blog on Sunday afternoon, but we had a problem with the landline phone and I spent most of the afternoon trying to sort that out. Then on Monday the broadband dropped out and I was off-line. Horrors! It was eventually fixed by a lady at the other end of a mobile call, who talked me through what to do and test. Turns out the whole phone and broadband problem was caused by some over-enthusiastic vacuuming on my part, knocking the power lead to the modem! All fixed now, and back on my week’s plan. As an aside, its a bit worrying how dependant we are on the internet in our modern lives…no FB or emails, no TV, nothing! Gorgeous Son was not happy!

Keeping to the Plan!
Keeping to the Plan!

Did you know its Wool Week this week? There are lots of events celebrating wool all over the country. I will be at Kelly House this weekend with Gorgeous Yarns for a Woolly Weekend. Its a fun event in this wonderful old house which has belonged to the Kelly family for centuries. There are lots of stall holders with all sorts of products from raw fleeces, wooltops and hand dyed yarns, to made items, weaving, felting and spinning.Do come along and say hello if you are in the area.

Kelly House Woolly Weekend

I plan to have the range of Purely Gorgeous Merino yarns, as well as the few remaining Gorgeously Natural 4ply Polwarth yarns that I plant dyed in the summer, wooden buttons and shawl pins made by Tom Kemp and our Purely Gorgeous Colours  with a free pattern with 3 skeins or more.

The next event for Gorgeous Yarns is in Totnes, Devon. Its StitchFest SW, a two day event with lots of woolly loveliness held in the Civic Hall in the town centre. (if you click on the link, you can see me in the photo from last year-I’m in the centre with black boots and a grey skirt on!)  The plan is to have the same Gorgeous Yarns as at Kelly House, but to have Pirkka Lanka instead of Gorgeous Colours. This is because I have a pattern being published on 08/12/17 in Simply Knitting so I plan to give away that pattern with the yarn.

Last bit of news, I may be a bit out of action later in November and not around to blog quite so much, but I’ll still be here online in the Gorgeous Yarns shop, and on FB, Instagram etc. Don’t worry, I wont be off the scene long!

Happy days now I’m back on plan again!

Bye for now,


Bye for now!
Bye for now!

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