Online Dye workshop

Thanks for your workshop – it was exactly what I needed. I had been collecting onion skins all year with the hope of using them to dye some cotton but had been put off by the articles I had read, either because they only talked about dying wool and also I was put off by the use of the ‘chemicals’. Your workshop showed me very clearly how I could dye wool in my kitchen (without poisoning anyone!) and also showed how to use other collected plants, which was very exciting. It also explained what sort of wool I could get in order to start dying. Your demonstration was both clear, factual and inspiring and I am now preparing to dye wool and knit with it. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your workshop. Perfect timing!

The only thing that I had forgotten to ask you was about the saucepans. Do you have special pans especially for dying? Once you have used any utensils should they be only used for dying?

I will definitely keep a look out for more workshops,

Many thanks,

Barbara H, from email