Basket of Guernsey knitting yarns on a pebbly beach

Guernsey By The Sea, Traditional Yarns

This Guernsey  yarn is specially spun, dyed and coned in Yorkshire for Frangipani 5ply, and as far as I know it is the only 5ply yarn to have the British Wool Marketing Board Platinum Mark for fully traceable origins. It is made to knit Guernsey jumpers, knit-frocks and fisherman’s traditional Smocks but can also be used for other patterns for more modern garments (See Patterns at Gorgeous Yarns)
It is quite a tough yarn which is worsted and has an element of waterproofing naturally so is ideal for outer garments, but not easy to wear next to the skin without a layer in between because it can be a bit itchy. However, if you are looking for a yarn with heritage for a traditional knit, this is the wool for you! They have 26 beautiful colours, some traditional, some more modern, a colour to suit everyone.

Frangipani Guernsey 5 ply is run by my very dear friends Jan and Russ, in Penzance. They have built the business up over 25 years and at the centre of it all is their desire to sell a product which is genuine and traditional. Therefore the  Guernsey 5ply I sell from Frangipani  has true pedigree. I knitted a Guernsey jumper for my husband for our 15th anniversary. It took me 3 months, and was truly a labour of love,  it won’t wear out and will always look like a quality, hand crafted garment. Frangipani Guernsey 5 ply have a range of patterns, and the ones I sell at Gorgeous Yarns I have designed specifically for this yarn. Patterns that are a bit different and show the texture of the stitches and the yarn well, for example the “Cardi-coat” with it’s moss/seed stitch godet panels. Lots of fun to make and wear!

I hope you enjoy looking at this lovely yarn at Gorgeous Yarns, please contact me if you have any questions, and if I can’t help, I’ll be in touch with Jan and Russ straight away for you and ask their advice.

Bye for now,



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  1. Hello – I was redirected to your website from Frangipani.
    I have been looking for ages for long double pointed knitting pins to use with a knitting belt, Shetland style. Finally, this afternoon, I heard about Frangipani – and they’re “re-locating”!!! From tomorrow, actually, but I imagine they won’t want to be bothered today. Can you help, or are you just doing the wool and patterns?
    (p.s. “Gorgeous” website – clear and colourful)

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