Tangerine, Turquoise and Teal

I have been browsing knitting and crochet magazines, and fashion magazines too and all I see is tangerine, turquoise and teal. This colour combination looks fresh and modern, and is everywhere, from clothes and accessories to home wares and decor. They are not always easy colours to wear next to the skin because they can be harsh and bright, but Gorgeous Yarns has a range of yarns in this palette to suit everyone, from pale skinned lovelies like me to dark and olive skin beauties!


Perran Yarns
Tangerine, Teal and Turquoise in one beautiful yarn.


Our range includes Coquette cotton 4 ply in Pumpkin and Aquamarine, Eden Cottage Oakworth in Damselfly, Nurturing Fibres Eco-cotton and Eco-fusion in Sun kissed Coral and Aventurine and Perran yarns new colourway, “As Time Goes By” which I will be launching at Proper Woolly and it will be available on our site mid June. Steph of Perran yarns has beautifully and skillfully combined coral orange, turquoise blue, green and teal in this gorgeous new colour combination. Its very interesting to see how the same dyes, hand dyed on different yarns take up the colours in paler or more intense shades. Wool takes colours strongly, wool mixes less so, and the summer blend of Alpaca, linen and silk, even less so. I will be stocking this summer blend yarn mid June, in a range of colours from Perran yarns, so be sure to have a look and keep watching the blog.






Tangerine orange shawl
Tangerine in a lacy crochet shawl for the summer



Here is a picture of my latest crochet project too, a lacy shawl in Coquette 4ply cotton in tangerine Pumpkin shade. I’m just looking for the sun now so I can wear it around my shoulders and look fashionable and elegant at the same time!






I am busy getting ready for Proper Woolly and the Royal Cornwall Show which are at the end of May and the first weekend in June. I will be at Royal Cornwall Show at Wadebridge with Steph from Perran Yarns, so you will get to meet us both if you are able to come along. At both shows, Gorgeous Yarns will be launching Petit 4s; these are a mini kit, beautifully packaged, containing 4 patterns to make a scarf or cowl in knit or crochet and 4 mini balls (25g approx) of colour co-ordinated yarns from our range to make one of the projects. They will retail at £15.00 so make an ideal gift for yourself or a knitting/crocheting friend!

If you have never been to a woolly or county show, they are really a lovely day out. Plenty to see and lots of artisans and crafts-people passionate about their products like I am about Gorgeous Yarns. Its a feast for your eyes, and I always come away from shows buzzing with ideas of things I’d like to do/make/buy/give as gifts. There are often show exclusives too, Gorgeous Yarns will have some exclusive and unrepeated hand dyed yarns available, get them before they are gone!

For anyone feeling left out if they are unable to get to the shows, once my feet touch the ground again and I have taken stock of what we have left, we may have some exclusives for you, but Gorgeous Yarns will be launching the new summer weight yarn from Perran Yarns and colours “As Time Goes By” and GY limited edition “Bouquet” and other gorgeous ones at the end of June and that’s something to look forward to!

Bye for now, Caroline

Home wares
Tangerine, Turquoise and Teal in home wares.


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