Style and Colour and hand made for ourselves

Style and colour show the world who we are through what we wear don’t you think?

I have just come home from having lunch with a lovely friend. She has recently been through a life change, and said she now feels like she is becoming herself again. She is wearing the colours and styles of the clothes she feels most comfortable in, and is looking forward to moving into her new home and decorating and furnishing with the colour and style of things she likes. She is enjoying the complements of strangers as she looks and feels happier than she has for a long time, it certainly shows that she is saying to the world that she feels back to her real self.

As I drove home I got to thinking about style and colour; the millions of knitting and crochet patterns there are, and the gazzillions of colours of yarn, textures, fibres, solid colours, semi-solid, variegated, dip dyed, its endless. How amazing that the simple craft of creating a hand made garment from yarn and a pattern can do so much to project to the world who we are and how we are feeling. Forget this year’s “must have” colour (unless you really love it AND it suits you) and this year’s shape of jacket/cardigan, jeans, dress if it doesn’t suit your shape. Chances are, you won’t feel comfortable in it and wont feel your real self. That’s where hand making things comes in… you can choose the colour and weight of the yarn to suit you and the pattern that is the right shape and skill level for you, either knitting or crochet. You can get the best combination of style and colour, make something unique and wear it and love it for years. Its an investment in you!

As you know, I have been crocheting now for just over a year, and I’m really enjoying it and the potential to create unique things that are my style and colour. I’m currently making a cardigan which is in Inside Crochet. I didn’t like the bold stripe pattern, but I liked the shape and construction so I’m doing my own version. I have chosen a blackberry colour, with a few feature stripes in toning dark soft pink and berry from Eden Cottage Yarns which blend rather than stand out as stripes. I’ve been making it a week and I think I’m about half way done already! I can’t wait to wear it as the weather warms up and spring properly, well, springs!!

Making the colours suit my style
Making the colours suit my style

If you have a project in mind that you’d like to make, have a browse around the site to choose the yarn colour and weight that is “you”;  yarn descriptions include information and advice about suitable projects and we are always happy to give advice over the phone or by e-mail if you are unsure. I am able to send out small samples of yarns if you are looking for a particular colour too, just let me know.

Eden Cottage Yarns are all £1 off per 100g skein until the end of April so get some Gorgeous Yarns so why not work them for your style and colours!!

Bye for now, Caroline

Como Shrug
Como Shrug made with Eden Cottage yarn

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