South African Rainbow Colours!

Well, South African Rainbow colours have arrived in Cornwall and Gorgeous Yarns are proud to announce we are now stocking Nurturing Fibres Eco cotton and Eco Fusion yarns!

Both double knit weight, in a range of gorgeous rainbow colours inspired by the landscapes and wildlife of South Africa. The skills of Carle Dehning and her team at Nurturing fibres shine through in these yarns. The yarns are 100% organic; the Eco-fusion is a new yarn developed by Carle which combines the smooth matt finish of cotton, with a silky thread of bamboo to add a twist of shine. Both come in a full range of colours to suit everyone, and can be used together in the same garment to add texture in a pattern or band design, or whatever takes your fancy! I find that the potential combinations of colours are exciting and inspiring. I have posted a couple of my favourite  combinations, see what you think…. South African rainbow colours in a garment, gorgeous!


Cotton yans
A colour mix of blues and purples
Sunshine Colours
Rainbow colours from Nurturing Fibres
Cotton Yarns
A colour combination of blues, Aqua and greens










Natural plant fibres are breathable which makes them ideal for spring and summer garments, and are also ideal for people who don’t want to wear animal fibres for allergen or ethical reasons. I find that knitting or crochet with animal fibres in the summer can be too hot for my hands, so cottons and bamboos are my yarn of choice to use and wear. These are Eco/organic and so you are doing your bit for the planet by using them for your knitting or crochet! More South African Rainbows!

These yarns knit and crochet beautifully, see last weeks blog for a detail photo of the Eco-cotton crocheted in a shopper bag I made with an Inside Crochet design. The stitch definition is super, the yarns feel lovely to use, and the finished item has gentle drape. (if you want a firmer texture for your project, try using a smaller needles or hook size to the one recommended, but do a tension swatch first, and you may need more yarn to the amount suggested in the pattern.)

I’m thinking up patterns to show these yarns off beautifully, I will be working on a vest shape top, and possibly a tee shape top for the summer. What ideas do you have? Nurturing Fibres have patterns on their site, designed for these yarns too. I’ve also been looking at Ravelry for summer tops, a great source of inspiration. Have a look at ”Top 20” or ”hot right now”….. If you haven’t joined Ravelry yet, it’s easy and free to join, and you will be part of the worldwide yarn loving community! Gorgeous Yarns has a group on Ravelry, and we have offers and exclusives to group members from time to time. Hop over and have a look! (Yes, I know, we’ve done Easter, but I couldn’t resist the pun!)

Just a last snippet, I’m beginning to have my patterns available as downloads on LoveKnitting, and over the next few weeks I’m aiming to have them all available so you can purchase them and get them instantly! Keep watching.

Here in Cornwall the weather is beautiful today, sunshine and clear blue skies, so I’m off to make a cuppa and sit outside dreaming up patterns for us to create with our South African Rainbow yarns. What will you make?

Bye for now!



Colours of yarns from Nurturing Fibres
Colours of yarns from Nurturing Fibres

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