More Socks please, we’re British!

More Socks please, we’re British!

More socks please, autumn is definitely upon us here in Britain, and I’ve been thinking about knitting more socks to keep my tootsies cosy. I saw a Pinterest photo a while ago of rainbow socks all beautifully folded in a drawer, I instantly had sock envy if such a thing exists! I so want to be the owner of a similar sock drawer.

More socks lined up and lovely!
More socks lined up and lovely!

Have you ever made socks? There’s something very satisfying about creating these; they are “fairly” straightforward to make if you have been knitting for a while, are a small project to carry around, make perfect Christmas gifts, and once you have worn handmade socks, there’s nothing quite like it again, you will want more and more socks…..
This starts a debate among sock knitters. Are you a DPN or circulars sock knitter? I prefer to use DPNs, I love the stainless steel ChiaoGoo DPNs, and I have always knitted my socks on them. However, several customers have inquired recently about ChiaoGoo red lace circulars in mini sizes for socks. I’m pleased to say that we now have these in stock, so you can knit socks on DPNs or circulars, which ever you prefer. The mini sizes range from 2.00mm to 2.5mm.  And then the 3mm size tips start the standard range, all with different length cables available. If you are buying the mini size tips, be sure to get a mini size cable too, that’s the fitting size not the length. Are you tempted to make more socks then?

And just to throw into the mix, what about crochet socks and slippers? I’ve never done them, but I’d like to try. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Crochet slippers, perhaps i'll have a go!
Crochet slippers, perhaps i’ll have a go!

Just a quick bit of advance notice, I am repackaging the Petit4 kits and reducing the price slightly in advance of the launch of the Petit4 Grand which will make it’s debut at 3bagsfull in Liskeard on Friday 30 September.  I have been busy designing new patterns for the Petit4 Grand which will have 2 crochet and 2 knitting patterns included in it. It will be launched on the website the same weekend so if you can’t get to 3bagsfull then you can still treat yourself or a friend to a Gorgeous Yarns Petit4 kit.

Have you seen we’re in The Knitter with one of the patterns I have designed, the “Oxford Wrap”? Its currently only available in The Knitter magazine, but the yarn is Purely Gorgeous Aran. Stocks are running low, but I have ordered more of this exclusive 100% organic Merino yarn.

Check the blog again soon for more exciting news…….

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