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Social Media is everywhere, all the time, whether we like it or not! Now some of you may already be asking me, why is she commenting on Social media when I expect her to chat about Gorgeous Yarns?!

Its simple! I love to share my passion for knitting and crochet, for gorgeous yarns, patterns, hand dyes and more with you, and this blog is the main way that I have been doing it. I enjoy chatting to you in our Gorgeous Community, but that may not be the way you like to hear about what’s going on with us here at Gorgeous Yarns HQ. So, back to the Social Media question…

What Social Media do you use? Are you a FaceBook fan, and Instagram follower or Pinterest pinner? Perhaps you Tweet, Snap Chat, or use one of the many other channels we use to communicate around the world these days? I use FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest. I’m really interested in whether these  social media channels suit you, please comment and let me know. What do you like to see, read about, re-pin etc? What matters to you and gets you interested….



I’m considering doing video clips to share news, tips and techniques with you as well as show you new products, colours and special offers. What do you think? Would you prefer this to a written blog, or would you like both?

Lastly on the topic of communicating, how do you like to communicate with our gorgeous community? I love to hear about what you are making with our yarns, especially if you can post a picture on our FB page. So, how about we have a little competition……

Lets post pictures of what we are all making at the moment on the We Love Gorgeous Yarns FB group page and I’ll choose a winner at random at the end of August for a surprise prize. Not already in the WLGY group? Hop over and ask to join….

WOW! That’s a lot of questions, please forgive me! I really appreciate you taking the time to read the blogs, and I value your comments here, and on the social media platforms I use. Thank you.

Talk soon,


Hi, we are Gorgeous Yarns
Hi, we are Gorgeous Yarns


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  1. Hi Caroline, I use Facebook, instagram, Pinterest and watch YouTube videos on all sorts of crafting subjects. I will post a picture of my current project when I’m home.
    Tracey xx

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