Soak and summer holidays

Have you tried Soak? It’s a range of hand wash liquids ideal for hand knitted and crochet items, but also all delicates and hand washing. It comes in a range of sizes and fragrances. The 90ml bottle is £9.00 and lasts for at least 18 washes, making it 50p per wash, and this size is airplane friendly too; small enough to go in your hand luggage if you are a carry-on type traveller who packs light! Soak is good for everything you want to wash, but it’s particularly great for delicates that don’t like being machine washed, or the harshness of normal wash/laundry products. It is ideal for hand knits, crochet garments, items with lace or bead detail, and items with a hand wash only label. Ideal if you are travelling where there may not be laundry facilities but can also be used in a washing machine.  All (except unscented) have lovely delicate fragrances and leave items soft and silky again, no need to use softener. Also perfect for washing chlorine or salt out of swim wear at the end of a day by the pool or beach.


Soak #1

Are  you going anywhere on holiday this summer? We are so lucky living in Cornwall with lovely beaches a 10 minute drive away, and these past week of sun has made it all seem even more fabulous! I have frogged a crochet capelet I made last year in my beginner crochet days and then gently washed the skeins with Soak, dried them on the line in the sunshine and wound them into balls ready to be used again . I love the colour (Melon Balls, Kettle Yarn Co.) but the crochet of the capelet was honestly…..urm…. not great,  so it needed to be unraveled and used again! This time I am crocheting a very loosely lacy shawl which will be perfect for our holiday in a few weeks, and the Soak I washed it with has left the yarn soft, smooth (not crinkly) and smelling gorgeous! I’ll post a photo when it’s done. (Quite excited about it….!)

I still have several projects on the go, including the granny hexagons for the blanket, the Heritage blanket from Inside Crochet, a knitted “Arrow” scarf and now the shawl! I’m happy to be able to sit outside and work away on these projects, and soak up the sun while we have it!

Have a happy sunny week friends,

Bye for now, Caroline

Hello, this is me!
Hello, this is me!








PS Every purchase of yarn from Gorgeous Yarns gets a free sample sachet of Soak, so you may have already tried it, what do you think?

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