Show and Tell with Gorgeous Yarns!

This past few days has been about show and tell for me. I have been at Stitch St Ives with some of our Gorgeous Yarns; to show and tell customers about the yarns. Being an online shop has obvious drawbacks for a very tactile product like Gorgeous Yarns, and so being at shows, and able to show and tell customers about the product and encourage them to touch, feel, imagine, is part of the pleasure of the product.

Love Gorgeous Yarns
I love Gorgeous Yarns!









I also went to my local, regular knitting and crochet group last week. Like a scatterbrain, I had forgotten my crochet hook so I just sat and chatted with my friends (who are all more organised than me!) I was able to help one friend who needed help to rearrange her sock stitches onto 4 needles, and show and tell her how to do this herself next time. This got me thinking about the wisdom and skills of knitting and crochet through the ages, passed down with show and tell from one generation to another. There are thousands of “how to” books to teach you knitting and crochet, even a selection of “for Dummies” books. (The title of which always seems vaguely insulting to me!) What many (pragmatic) learners need is a show and tell, being shown and told how to do something and then experiencing it for themselves by having a go.

Is there a skill or technique you want to learn? There are many ways to learn of course, but if you want to go to a friendly class to learn, have a look at this link and see what’s going on in your area.  Perhaps you prefer to practice and make new friends in a group setting….follow this link  ….

I have also used the helpful section at the back of my two favourite magazines, The Knitter, and Inside Crochet as a show and tell resource. I still refer to them both to remind myself of techniques I haven’t used for a while, what a specific abbreviation means, and to learn a new stitch. I even used Inside Crochet to teach myself a couple of years ago.

If you want to come to a show and tell me what you want to make…’s a link to our blog page, with more details. It would be lovely to meet you and chat about our Gorgeous Yarns before you make your choice. I will do my best to suggest which yarns will be suitable for the project you have in mind, show and tell you about them if I have them with me, and suggest patterns we have in our collection too. If you plan to come to one of the shows, and would like to see a particular yarn, please let me know and I’ll bring it along for you.

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