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What shall I make next? Its a question I’m asking myself a lot at the moment. A better question would probably be “what shall I finish next before I start anything else”? ! (Where’s the fun in that?) I am in the lovely situation of having the new and exclusive range of Purely Gorgeous Colours to choose from, and several ideas of things to design as patterns for you, so what shall I make next? I have an idea for something in 2 colours with a cable of the 2 colours between them….must work a sample of that. I also have an idea for a tunic top which would be perfect for autumn through to winter. (Yes, I know, I’m ahead of myself, but designing and getting a pattern right takes me a long time!) What would you like to make from our new yarn range? What colour will you choose? Are you asking yourself, what shall I make next?

Here’s our new Purely Gorgeous Colours range to inspire you….

Purely Gorgeous Colours


I blogged about choosing a pattern earlier this year and included links to the huge range of patterns, yarns, styles, textures, garments, accessories, etc, etc. I think sometimes its worth making a start and getting the yarn, then finding the pattern afterwards. Otherwise you can get into a chicken-and-egg or yarn-and -pattern situation. If a yarn inspires you with its colour, texture, blend with something else you have etc, get it! I know, we all have that stash of yarns we have bought and not found the pattern, so if a yarn in your stash still inspires you, find a pattern and then “what shall I make next” is easy! If it doesn’t, then perhaps its time to give it to a friend who does like it and will use it. That makes space in your stash for more!! (I’m on a bit of a tidying and sorting out mission at the moment!)

I am repackaging the kits we have in the next few weeks. They will still offer you great value for money and contain all you need to make the project in a lovely gift box with little extras.I’ll keep you updated as this happens. Keep watching our pages on Instagram and Facebook and the blog in the coming weeks.

I’m also hoping to have some news for you about Gorgeous Yarns at Toby’s GardenFest, Forde Abbey in September, watch this space.

Now, what shall I make next?

Bye for now,


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  1. Hi Caroline, my patterns arrived today, thank you. I purchased some fabulous tweed double knit in She Sell Sea shells, from you at a very wet Garden Festival at Powderham Castle, Devon on Friday 27th. I. can’t wait to get knitting. I think I will do the Two’s Company cowl, now do I knit or crochet? Decisions, decisions!

    Sue. x

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