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Rituals and Relaxing

How are you coping with the lockdown? Are you feeling OK or are you struggling a bit like me? I find that when I’m feeling anxious, its even more important to maintain my daily rituals and relaxation.

Here’s a few that work for me, that you could think about and/or try:

I like to start my day gently with a cup of tea in bed, and I usually read for a while and think about my plans for the day.

I try to get up at the same time each day, even at weekends as this helps me keep a rhythm to the days.

I like to have fruit with my breakfast, and a cup of herbal tea. If the weather is good I try to sit outside and listen to the birds. Being immersed in nature is proven to reduce blood pressure and help calm you.

When I start my day at work aka Gorgeous Yarns HQ, I have to have a tidy desk and a To Do list for the week. That way I feel in control and know what to focus on. Its usually packing parcels in the morning and catching up with emails, planning and accounts!

Lunch is usually at 1.00 pm and I watch the news (though I have tended not to watch the news lately as its too much for me to cope with all the Corona Virus statistics and discussion.)

In the afternoon I like to get practical and do some dyeing, tend my dye garden, weed other parts of the garden, and deal with household chores. If the weather isn’t good, or I have a design for a pattern that needs work I will stay indoors and work .

In the evening I try to have some knitting or crochet on the go, I call it TV craft. Its something I can do that’s easy and doesn’t need much thinking about. Here’s a “reveal”. I like to watch European subtitled crime dramas, the grittier the better!

A bit like getting up, I like to go to bed at the same time each day, and I almost always read before I sleep. I have several books on the go at one time as I enjoy lots of different styles and themes at once.

Before I sleep, I always do my nails and drink chamomile tea, that’s one of the most essential rituals for me.

What do you do each day that helps you feel better, less anxious and more in control? In these worrying times its more important than ever to take care of ourselves and look after our mental and physical health. Let me know how you are, keep well.

Best wishes,


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