York Sock Yarn, Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Alpaca


York sock yarn is made up of a blend of British wools from Shetland fleece for strength, Blue Faced Leicester for loft (fluffiness) and Alpaca for soft luxury.

This combination makes it the ideal, cosy blend for hand knitted socks, though it can be used for many other 4ply projects. It  can be a little bit robust, (Thanks Shetland!) so is perhaps not ideal for scarves or garments on sensitive skin. The yarn has a gentle grey colour. It will take natural dye colours well, giving a rich depth to the colour.

York sock yarn works to normal 4ply/sock yarn tension of 26st over 10cm on 3.5mm needles. Going down to 3.0mm needles works better for socks to give a firmer texture.

Want to know more about how I choose the Gorgeous Yarns for you? Have a look at our blog here.

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