Traditional Dye Kit


Traditional Dye Kit

This traditional Dye kit contains everything you need to try natural dyeing on wool yarn.

The tradition and craft of dyeing with natural dyes goes back millennia and in fact, synthetic dyes were only created as recently as 1856, by accident, by William Perkin.

The kit comes in a reusable gauze bag and the yarn bow indicates the full strength colour of the dye.

The traditional dye kit  contains:

120g of BFL 4ply yarn in 1 x 100g skein and mini skein/s (to exhaust dye)

Dried dye stuff – enough to dye 100g yarn a strong colour  (Please note that the blue dye is Saxon blue, made from Indigo, and is in liquid form)

Alum mordant if needed, premeasured.

Full information, instructions, health and safety advice and latex free gloves.

Please note:

You need to use a saucepan which won’t be used for food again.

Please don’t breathe any dust or steam fumes which may come off the dye pot. If you have respiratory problems it is advised that you wear a dust face mask.

Please don’t use this kit if you are, or think you may be pregnant.

Although these dyes are natural, they are still chemicals.

The Colours