Solar Dye workshop with a kit


Solar Dye workshop with a kit

I’ve set up a beginner class, where you will learn all you need to know to create some beautiful results. You won’t need fancy equipment, or dedicated workshop space – you can get started in your own home kitchen.

What happens on the workshop?

On our 1-hour workshop, via Zoom, I will teach you all about natural dyes; the history of some of the plant stuff, which dyes give which colours, how to mix your colours in a solar dye pot to get a variegated skein of yarn and how to set up a ‘solar dye pot’. It is all much easier than you think and will open up a world of possibilities!

I will explain about fade resistant dyes (substantive), fading colours (fugitive), mordants and fixing colours and bust some of the myths around natural dyeing. We will chat about the sustainability of natural dyeing too and its place in today’s life.

You are welcome to join me as I set up and dye some yarn  with your kit during the session as we go along. The colours shown for each month are examples, colours may vary according to stock.

I encourage questions throughout the workshop, so you never have to feel stuck.

How do I register?

The solar dye workshop will be taught via Zoom which is free to use and download to your computer. After purchasing this workshop  you will be sent a confirmation email, with the zoom link. Please keep this safely and use it to log in to the workshop on the day. Only participants who have registered and paid in advance will be able to join the session. Your kit will be posted to you before the workshop.

Please note our refund policy does not apply if you change your mind after you have received the Zoom code for the workshop.

The dates for 2022 are:

Saturday 29th January  at 2pm

Saturday 26th February at 2pm

Saturday 26th March at 2pm

Sunday 1st May at 2pm

Saturday 28th May at 2pm

Saturday 25th June at 2pm

Saturday 24th September at 2pm

Saturday 29th November at 2pm



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