Solar Dye Kit – Inspired by Cornwall


Solar Dye kits – Inspired by Cornwall

These solar dye kits use the power of time and UV to create your individual, naturally hand dyed skein of yarn. This year I have created new colour combination solar dye kits inspired by my home in Cornwall. At shows these are available in a Kilner jar, ready to go. THe jars are heavy and difficult to safely post to you so these kits online come in a gift box, you just need to add a jar and you’re all set.

Heathland Heather solar dye kit is a beautiful blend of purples and mossy greens, reminiscent of the heather on the cliff tops around the coast.

Sunny Day Sunflowers combines bright golden yellow and  blue, and where they mix you have green to represent the sunflowers and leaves against a blue sky.

Cornish Summer Bouquet reminds me of a bride’s bouquet at a sunny wedding in Cornwall with rich pinks and peach of the roses

Cornish Ice cream  is just the colours you would expect – Golden vanilla yellow and pink strawberry ice creams with a generous helping of strawberry sauce! Yummy

Liquorice Allsorts is a fun solar dye kit which uses a zebra stripe wool yarn with pink to give a liquorice all sorts kind of colour combination. (My favourite!)

This is my Cornwall The colours of Cornwall are black and gold and this kit has both colours for a vibrant, traditional colourway.

 Hydrangeas Like the beautiful blooms you see in many Cornish Gardens in the early summer, soft pink and blue

Sunset Over St Michael’s Mount  is a rich palette of burnished orange, red and gold

Damson Jam one of my favourites! a lovely mixture of dark pink and purple, just like the jam on a scone.

Setting up the solar dye kit:

Just add the solar dye kit to a large jar, add water and leave somewhere in the daylight, (doesn’t have to be sunny) for 3 months or more. Then rinse the yarn thoroughly, dry and use the yarn to make enclosed pattern or one of your own choice.

The dyes are all natural, and plant based (except the cochineal,) so suitable for vegetarian crafters. Some are organically grown in my garden in Cornwall. (Madder, Greenweed, Chamomile and Aquilegia)
The mordant used to “fix” the colour to the yarn is a food grade alum which is safe to use and dispose of. It is pre-weighed for you.
The dye stuffs are all weighed and prepared ready for use. They are safe to use at home and dispose of by composting or in the waste collection facilities you have.

Please use a 1.5l jar with a sealable lid that is designed to take pressure like a Kilner/Mason jar. (The contents may get hot or ferment a bit.) Jar not supplied.


These kits are suitable for older children and adults. Please follow the instructions and safety advice carefully. Do not use if you are, or may be pregnant, or if you have a severe lung condition.

I am unable to post these to Australia and New Zealand due to restrictions on the importation of plant materials. Please check your country’s restrictions before ordering if you are outside the UK.

Complete Solar Daylight Dye kit;

everything you need to daylight/solar dye your own skein of Gorgeous Yarn.

Kit includes yarn, dye stuffs, mineral mordants, latex gloves, full health and safety advice and instructions, plus a free pattern and extras.

Check out our YouTube channel  videos for more information and how to set the kit up.


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