Solar Dye Kit (Single Colour)


Solar Dye kits:

A Solar Dye kit contains everything you need to solar dye your own skein of yarn.

The kit  has natural plant dried dye stuffs, a 100g skein of sumptuously soft Naturally Gorgeous 4ply yarn and full instructions  It’s name, Solar dye kit is a bit misleading because its the UV light in daylight which helps the colour fix to the yarn, it doesn’t have to be bright sunlight. They take about 10 minutes to set up, and at least 3 months of no attention at all to work! These kits are suitable for older children and adults. Younger children can also have a go with adult supervision. No equipment is needed, just a 1.5l clip top jar and water.

Have a look at how easy it is here….. 

Dye Colours:

The dye stuffs  are  Cochineal, Madder, Rhubarb Root,  Calendula Flowers, or Weld to give colours from pinky red, through orange to yellow. Yarn is random dyed with this technique, your skein of yarn will be unique.

Cochineal is a small scale beetle that grows on cacti and it gives amazing reds, pink and sometimes almost purple. It gives a lot of colour so you only need a small amount. Cochineal can be used several times over to give dye colour.

Aquilegia grows fairly wild in my garden here in Cornwall. It has pink and purple flowers, but surprisingly, in a dye it gives a beautiful soft green. Sometimes, it gives lovely lavender shades…..

Madder is a small spreading plant that grows naturally in the UK. Madder has been used for centuries to dye fabrics and fibres a range of colours from dark rust to pale peach. The roots are harvested and dried in the sun before being hand chopped and used to make the dye colour. Madder is also sensitive to pH and the colour can be made more orange with the addition of washing soda (an alkaline)

Rhubarb Root, Weld and Tansy are also grown in the UK and have been used by dyers for centuries to get lovely shades of mustard and yellow.

Calendula flowersgrown in my garden in Cornwall give a beautiful range of colours from pale apricot to warm yellow. They are organically grown and harvested and dried ready to be used in a dye pot using a traditional method of dyeing.


The Kit:

This exclusive solar dye kit contains all instructions and safety advice, a sachet of dye stuff, & 100g skein of merino and 13% cotton which is a natural undyed shade, gorgeously soft.

The nature of natural and solar dyes means that the exact colours can never be repeated. The finished project with this silky soft yarn will be completely unique!


We recommend hand washing this luxury fibre, and dry flat.


Treat yourself or a special someone to this beautiful gift in a kit!

I am unable to post this kit to Australia and New Zealand due to customs restrictions. If you are not in the UK, please check any customs restrictions on dried plant stuffs in your country before ordering.



A complete kit with dye stuffs, yarn, full instructions and safety advice.

Each 4 ply 100g skein measures 400m/492y. Recommended needle size 3.5mm/US size 4

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The Colours