Soak delicates wash liquid – 425ml

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Now, here’s the thing…. If you have spent hours creating something beautiful from our yarn, don’t risk spoiling it with anything else when you wash it. We always recommend Soak delicates wash. It needs only a teaspoonful to wash a garment, and the best bit is, when your garment is wet, soapy and at risk of stretching out of shape, you just carefully lift it from the washing water, and let it drain flat, then dry flat away from direct heat or sunlight. No wringing delicate fabrics or handmade lovelies, and no extra rinsing. The Soak just disappears leaving the item soft and fragrant.

For those of you who can’t tolerate fragranced products, Soak also make an unscented version for you.

Soak is good for everything you want to wash, but it’s particularly great for delicates that don’t like being machine washed, or the harshness of normal wash/laundry products. It is ideal for hand knits, crochet garments, items with lace or bead detail, and items with a hand wash only label. All (except unscented) have lovely delicate fragrances and leave items soft and silky again, no need to use softener.

Can also be used in a washing machine.


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    • Soak 425ml/75+ washes

Fragrance, Aquae
weight 455g

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