Purely Gorgeous BFL and Silk 4 ply


Purely Gorgeous yarns are completely natural, luxury fibres, ready to use just as they are or to dye. They are a natural cream colour and have premium luxury fibres like Merino, Alpaca, Silk, or Cotton. Purely Gorgeous yarns are organic where possible, and always chosen for you with great care so your project made with this yarn is literally, purely gorgeous! Want to know more? Have a look at the blog to see how I choose the Purely Gorgeous yarns for you.

This Blue Faced Leicester BFL and silk blend is a 70/30 mix and gives the best combination of both types of fibre. The BFL is soft and holds stitch definition well, and the silk adds incredible lustre and sheen. It is perfect for special projects, imagine a lovely cardigan or jumper in this (I’m dreaming of a Ziggurats jumper in it….). It also takes dye well, so if you are an Indie dyer like me its a good choice as a contrast yarn to the creamy natural colours.

The grey colour is soft and silvery, a natural colour from the BFL and goes well with lots of other colours if solid grey isn’t your thing.

Sold in 100g skeins of gorgeous loveliness!


6 in stock

70% Blue Faced Leicester wool and 30% Silk blend

100g skeins

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The Colours

Purely Gorgeous BFL-silk-4ply-
Purely Gorgeous BFL-silk-4ply-

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