Naturally Gorgeous Alpaca Merino 4ply


Naturally Gorgeous is our range of carefully hand dyed yarns. The yarns are all from our Purely Gorgeous range. The yarns are dyed with natural colours from plants such as madder, logwood and buckthorn bark. The bright pink yarns are dyed with cochineal which is a small insect, the only non-plant dye we use.  These natural dyes are very sustainable; some are foraged or grown organically here in the Gorgeous Yarns garden, or sourced ethically from growers in the UK and around the world. The natural dyes are fixed/mordanted with naturally occurring mineral salts and these mordants are of minimal or nil environmental impact when disposed of. The used plant dye materials are composted in the garden.

If you would like a specific colour on a specific yarn base, please contact us. I can do custom dye orders for you.

Naturally Gorgeous Alpaca Merino 4 ply yarn is sumptuously soft and luxurious.

The yarns are hand dyed in 1kg batches in my dye kitchen at home in Cornwall, rinsed with pH neutral rainwater and no harsh chemicals are used at all. This ensures a high quality colour dye with gentle tonal variations which is a feature of hand dyed yarns. Some dye stuffs are grown in my garden (like Madder, Coreopsis and Calendula, and Rhubarb root) and some are foraged. (Buckthorn)

They have unique, soft colours which are varied and tonal, meaning every skein has subtle shade changes, no two skeins are exactly alike. If you are making a project with more than 1 skein, we recommend using 2 skeins, working 2 alternate rows with each to prevent colour “pooling”. We also recommend that you purchase all the yarn you need for your project from 1 dye batch. Please ask if you are not sure.

Please ask if you wish to make a garment with these beautiful yarns, I can hand dye your colour choice, just for you, to ensure they are all the same dye batch.

Hand washing in a liquid wool wash is advised.


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