Penzance Linen Stitch Scarf Kit


About the Penzance Linen Stitch Scarf Kit

This kit contains everything you need to make this lovely scarf, suitable for men and women. It features the easy  linen stitch, worked in alternate coloured rows to create this woven, linen look. If you can knit stitches, and slip stitches with yarn in front, you can  create this interesting stitch. The scarf length is adjustable, just keep knitting until you almost run of out yarn if you want a “wrap around twice” length. The scarf kit has enough yarn to make a scarf at least 175cm long. Perfect for a breezy walk on the prom at Penzance!

The Kit contains:

100g undyed 4ply yarn

100g naturally hand dyed yarn

The Linen Stitch pattern, all in a pretty gauzy bag. Ideal to keep your project in while you are knitting it, and perhaps to give the scarf in as a gift.

Knitting needles are not included. You will need 4mm needles, why not try these Knit Pro Cubics?

The Colours:

Mustard is dyed with Rhubarb Root for rich mustard and honey tones

Peach is dyed with madder to give a beautiful, wearable colour

Violet comes from Logwood

Aqua takes colour from a weak solution of Saxon Blue which is a tincture of indigo

Green is created by overdyeing a yellow from Chamomile or marigolds with Saxon blue.

Pink comes from cochineal

All these colours come from natural sources to give rich, beautiful colours that are fixed with a mineral salt so they won’t fade.


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