Lilly Brush, natural yarn ‘bobble’ remover


Lilly Brush, natural yarn ‘bobble’ remover,  a hand knit lover’s essential.
This handy little brush will save your favorite hand knits from the peril of pilling, that’s those annoying little bobbles that appear on your precious natural fibre garments and accessories, making them look worn and a bit shabby. Well, shabby no more! This brush gently removes the bobbles without damaging the delicate fibres of the yarn, and leaves your hand-knits looking like new!
I have tried this on my hand knits, and it works on all natural fibres, including cashmere and alpaca. (It also lifts pet hair and lint fluff from garments and upholstery.)
Simply brush the Lilly brush over the areas of bobbling on your garment to lift them gently away. You may need to repeat this several times in areas which are very pilled, such as underarms. (Brush gently and persistently!) The brush can them be cleaned by pulling the gathered fluff off the bristles.

Please note, this brush is for natural fibres, and doesn’t work well on man made fibres. Apologies for the cost of postage, its just the wrong shape to go large letter/cheaper.

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  •  Portable Pill, Lint, and PET HAIR Remover
  •  Gently removes pills from all 100% NATURAL FIBRE knits (cashmere, wool, cotton, angora, hemp, etc.)
  •  NOT EFFECTIVE AS A PILL REMOVER ON ARTIFICIAL FIBRES (acrylic, polyester, nylon, etc)
  •  Removes pet hair & lint from all types of clothing and upholstery
  •  Colours may vary with this product