Knit Pro SPN Single Point Bamboo Needles


These Kit Pro SPN single point bamboo needles are the royalty of bamboo needles! They are made from the highest quality Japanese bamboo, perfectly straight and silky smooth with no splinters or splitting. Perfect for any knitter, but especially those whose joints become painful when using metal. The bamboo is blonde so its easy to see your stitches, and the needles have a slight flex which strangely makes them very comfortable in use. The points are sharp enough to use with fine yarns and small stitches, but not so pointy that they split yarn, and the stitches slide up the needle like a dream!

I have tried other bamboo needles, and these are worth every penny. I have used them for a variety of projects with different weight yarns and they are just lovely to use.

Available in a range of sizes from 3mm to 6.5mm (33cm length) suitable for all yarns from lace weight to Aran.

(I can make these up into a whole set of you are interested, and put them in a silk case, please contact me by email if you would like the whole set at a discounted price.)


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