Knit Pro DPN Double Point Bamboo Needles


These sets of 5 Knit Pro DPN Double Point Bamboo Needles are the finest quality you can use. They are made from Japanese bamboo, its silky smooth, straight and warm to hold, ideal for anyone who gets joint pain using metal needles.  These sets are ideal for socks, hats, bags, anything that needs to be knitted in the round, especially smaller things which aren’t suitable to knit with interchangeable circulars. The bamboo isn’t splintery or splitty and it doesn’t split your yarn in use either. I have used them for a variety of projects and found them consistently comfortable to use, the stitches glide on the needles and they are just lovely.

Available in sets of 5 needles each pack, 20cm long, in a range of sizes from 2.5mm to 6mm, and we also have the complete range of sizes in a lovely silk case.


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