Frangipani Kits


Frangipani Kits

These Frangipani Guernsey 5ply kits are a limited edition. They are reduced in price because they may have lost their labels, may be mixed balls, cones or cakes,  been returned from a customer or be an unrepeatable dyelot.

What you can be sure of is that they are the high quality you have come to expect from Gorgeous Yarns and Frangipani.

The yarn:

This yarn is specially spun, dyed and coned in the UK for Frangipani 5ply Guernsey wool, and as far as I know is the only 5ply yarn to have this heritage. It is made to knit Guernsey jumpers, knit-frocks and fisherman’s traditional Smocks but can also be used for other patterns for more modern garments (See Patterns section for patterns I have written specifically for this yarn). It is quite a tough yarn (Texel Sheep) which is worsted and has an element of waterproofing naturally so is ideal for outer garments, but not easy to wear next to the skin without a layer in between because it can be a bit itchy. However, if you are looking for a yarn with heritage for a traditional knit in rich, beautiful colours, this is the wool for you!

There are only the kits listed, with the quantities of yarn detailed. I am unable to split packs for you. All the yarns in each pack are from the same dye lot.

The colours:

Heather is in 100g cakes, and weight a total of 1kg

Ocean Deep is in 100g cakes and weighs a total of 800g

Black is a mixture of cake and balls and weighs 800g

Amethyst is 2 cones and weighs a total of 890g

The usual price for this yarn is about £7.50/100g, the prices for these various kits are worked out at £6.30/100g



Amethyst 2 has 890g


Black  has 800g





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The Colours