Frangipani 5-ply Guernsey Wool – 500G


Frangipani Guernsey 5ply yarns

This  yarn is specially spun, dyed and coned in the UK for Frangipani  Guernsey 5ply wool, and as far as I know is the only 5ply yarn to have this heritage. It is made to knit Guernsey jumpers, knit-frocks and fisherman’s traditional smocks but can also be used for other patterns for more modern garments (See Patterns section for patterns I have written specifically for this yarn). It is quite a tough yarn which is worsted and has an element of waterproofing naturally so is ideal for outer garments, but not easy to wear next to the skin without a layer in between because it can be a bit itchy. However, if you are looking for a yarn with heritage for a traditional knit, this is the wool for you!

Please note the photographs of this product cannot be relied upon for exact colours. Please email me if you would like a free colour card.

Yarn will be supplied on a 500g cone, (1096m)

Photographs taken at Poldhu Cove, near Mullion. The Marconi radio transmission across the Atlantic in 1901 was made from the hill above the beach.

Please note that due to very high demand and
unexpected production delays some shades
will become unavailable for a short time.

Sizes and yarn requirements

Approximate requirements for the following chest sizes:

32″/81cm  takes 750g (1 x 500g and 1 x 250g)

34″/86cm – 42″/107cm takes 1000g (2 x 500g)

44″/112cm – 50″/127cm takes 1.250g  (2 x 500g and 1 x 250g)


  • 29 Colours
  • 500g Cones
  • £39.60 per cone
  • Now also available in 250g cones @ £20.40

The Colours