Frangipani 5ply Guernsey Wool 100g


Frangipani 5-ply Guernsey Wool, as far as I know is the only 5ply yarn to have 100% British production. It is traditionally used to knit Guernsey jumpers, knit-frocks and fisherman’s traditional Smocks but can also be used for other patterns for more modern garments, socks and hats. Guernsey wool can be quite a tough yarn which is worsted and has an element of waterproofing naturally so is ideal for outer garments. We recommend a layer in between because it can be a bit itchy next to the skin. However, if you are looking for a yarn with heritage for a traditional knit, this is the wool for you! The ideal Eco-friendly product, it will last for years…….

These Frangipani 5ply Guernsey wool 100g “cakes” are available in almost all the Frangipani colours (except Violet and Turquoise) . They have been spun into 100g cakes or balls and are ideal for small projects like socks, hats or to repair your current Guernsey jumper. They are unrepeatable dye lots, small unsold quantities and wool from cones which have a damaged label etc. All the wool is of the premium quality you expect from Frangipani and Gorgeous yarns.

The dye lots of these cakes are mixed. If you order more than 1 cake we will try to match the dye lots but cannot guarantee it. If you want to make a larger project with several same colour cakes, we suggest adding a band of a contrasting colour when changing from one dye lot to another to avoid any potential slight shade difference.

Frangipani 5ply Guernsey wool can also be used for Fair Isle designs very effectively. It is suitable for weaving with, (warp and weft) but is not really suitable for crochet.

The Colours


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