Knitting Stitch Holder


A Knitting Stitch Holder is an essential accessory for any knitter. They come in 2 sizes to suit all projects and needs. They are used to hold stitches whilst they are not worked, for example on the edge of a neck, or at the start of a pocket opening. Although some knitters may use a safety pin, I have found these slide and the stitches end up getting stuck and torn in the “safety” bit at one end, causing a problem when the stitches need to be picked up and worked. These knitting stitch holders are ideal, they have no rough edges and nowhere the stitches can catch or get stuck or torn.


Essential accessory for any knitter.
Medium Stitch Holder 11.5cm
Large Stitch Holder 17.0cm
Metal, with no rough edges to catch or tear yarn stitches.

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