Logwood Natural dye stuff

Natural Dye stuff for Yarn Dyeing

Natural Dye stuff for yarn dyeing
Chamomile, a dye plant

Natural dye Stuff for yarn dyeing at Gorgeous Yarns!

Here at Gorgeous Yarns I am passionate about yarn dyeing using natural dye stuff. The range of colours is amazing; bright, rich colours, soft pastel colours and earthy neutrals, something for everyone. I’m also enthusiastic about encouraging you having a go at natural dyeing yourself, whether you have some experience or want to learn. We now have natural dye stuff pre-packed for you in recyclable packaging, ready weighed to dye 100g of natural yarn or fibre, with the option to reuse the dye stuff and dye to “exhaust” dye. (This means use up the leftovers!)

I have chosen the dye stuffs carefully, from a reputable and knowledgeable source so I am confident the dyes are high quality and will give beautiful results. The specific dye colours give reliable and easy results which are relatively colour and wash-fast (when fixed with Alum mordant if needed). Cochineal and Madder are the best for lightfastness. The colours also combine as a rainbow of colour options. The natural dyes available are:

Saxon Blue : prepared to an 18th Century recipe by our friend Helen Melvin of Fiery Felts, its a liquid form of Indigo

Chamomile : for a rich golden yellow which can be overdyed with Saxon Blue to give greens

Cochineal : this tiny insect gives the most amazing pink shades

Logwood : for rich purple, dark inky blue or violet

Madder : my favourite dye for it’s reliability and colour range from Brick red and orange to peach, pink and apricot

Rhubarb Root : these aromatic dry chips give a dark mustard yellow but can be used to create pink, grey and rusty orange

Natural Dye stuff
Madder and Rhubarb Root

Why you’ll love working with natural dye stuff for yarn dyeing

Natural dyes are easy to use if you follow some simple guidelines: Dye outside or with open windows if you can, use separate pots and pans that won’t be used for cooking or food prep afterwards and be careful when handling heavy or hot pans of dye. Keep pets and children safely out of the way!

Essentially, natural dyeing is like making a strong pot of tea. The dye stuff is soaked and or heated in a pan to release it’s colour. The prepared (alum mordanted) yarn is then placed in the cool dye and usually gently heated to complete the dyeing process. The used natural dyes can be safely disposed of in the compost or household waste. There are plenty of books about Natural dyeing available if you want to learn more.

Of course, yarn dyeing is all about the colours! These dye pouches give great results on 100g of any natural yarn or fibre. Protein fibres like wool and alpaca work best with natural dyes for the most rich colour, but they can be used on cellulose fibres, like cotton and linen with paler results and a different preparation method. Any remaining dye in the pot, or used dye stuff may be reused to give paler colours.

Natural Dye stuff
Natural dye products

Dye Stuff for yarn now available!

Follow the link HERE to browse the selection. Prices vary according to the cost of the dye stuff, but remember, each pouch will dye at least 100g of yarn or fibre and some may need an alum mordant to help fix the colour.

Please ask via the Contact us form if you have any questions, I’ll be very happy to help, and point you to other resources and tutors if needed.

Natural Dye stuff
Eco-friendly dye stuffs

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  1. Hi, I have a couple sachets of natural dyestuffs in my basket. I know the Logwood has the Alum mordant with it but I would like another sachet for the other one. Can you supply this? I can’t see this on the website. Many thanks Wendy

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