The Man Engine in Cornwall!

The Man Engine in Cornwall has been an amazing sight these past 2 weeks!

I was in Penzance yesterday with friends from choirs in west Cornwall to sing for the Man Engine and the crowds that had gathered to see him. It was amazing! Thousands of people in Market Jew Street in Penzance, all waiting for him to be revealed. He is the talent puppet in the UK at over 10m tall, made from steel, mesh, pistons, pulleys and various engineering “junk” and from a crouching position he stood up to his full height and became the centre of attraction! What do you think?



Man Engine in Penzance.
Man Engine in Penzance.
The Man Engine in Penznace on 05/08/16
The Man Engine in Penznace on 05/08/16

I know The Man Engine doesn’t have much to do with wool and yarns, but it has been the most amazing local project that I just had to share it with you! Its wonderful to learn about the heritage of our home areas, everywhere is different and special. It’s something I love doing when we go on holiday…. finding out about the who, how, when and why, especially if it involved sheep or wool!! Its fun to buy yarn from the area you are visiting; I mentioned last week a woman who was travelling around Australia who was making a blanket with the yarns she bought along the way as a reminder in wool of her travels. Its great to celebrate the regionality of wools, and use yarns from different breeds traditional in different areas.

I have posted several times on FB about buying local. Do you visit markets and local shops when you are on holiday? This is such a nice way to enjoy the culture and crafts of an area, as well as supporting the artisans and crafts people of the area. (I always buy a new basket when we go to France, you know, the ones with leather handles in bright colours!) So when you are away on holiday, or just visiting somewhere new, why not buy local and enjoy the culture of where you have been.

Gorgeous Yarns will be part of a woolly festival at the Godolphin Arms in Marazion on 3 and 4/09/16. Why not come along, enjoy the wonderful scenery of Marazion, looking across to St Michael’s mount and buy some local yarns, wool and other lovelies to take home and enjoy. The happy memories of the day come free!

Next week, I’ll let you know how I’ve been getting on with my crochet projects….

Bye for now, Caroline


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