Lots of Christmas surprises!

I’ve been thinking about Christmas surprises this week. I’ve been opening each door of my Opal Yarns advent calendar, along with the 4 winners of the recent Gorgeous Yarns Competition to win one of these. Behind each little door is a surprise ball of yarn – the colours are varied so when I’m using the yarn for my Advent crochet “thing” (more later) the end colour can be a complete surprise compared to what you see initially.

Children love surprises from Santa at Christmas, but adults often don’t get many… why not give me a ring or email, I can make up a surprise gift for you or a loved one to suit individual taste, budget and yarn “habit”! (You could drop heavy hints to a loved one to do the same for you !) We also have Petit4 s which have a colour-matched range of 4 25g balls of our exclusive luxury yarns. Each one is different so they are little Christmas Surprises too!

Have you seen Lucy’s blog at attic 24 ? Lucy is a Mum and awesome crocheter. She designs the most amazing crochet lovelies, and I recently found a crochet Christmas wreath on her blog page…have a look at it, I am sooo going to make one next year! It looks like so much fun making it and enjoying it for years to come, guaranteed to make you smile.

I love this time of year; all the preparing, making special food, singing carols and general festivities with family and friends.I made marshmallows this year, surprisingly easy (with a digital thermometer set to Fahrenheit…Celsius gave me a very burnt sugar mess!) great for kids as its additive and colouring free, though still masses of sugar so perhaps not so good! Makes a great stocking filler, wrapped in cellophane with a pretty tag.  I love wrapping gifts, especially all the beautiful papers, tags and ribbons. Gorgeous Yarns are offering free gift wrapping on all purchases in December, it will be done automatically for you, you don’t even need to click a box!

Here is a link with last postage dates for Christmas so you can place your order and be fairly sure your parcel will arrive on time, beautifully gift wrapped of course! As we get closer to Christmas, I will try to remember to email to confirm when I have posted your parcel so you know with confidence its on its way.

Have you been following the Gorgeous Yarns instagram and Facebook posts of the ripple crochet I am doing with my advent calendar mini balls of yarn. I’m using each ball with a cream ripple stripe in between (to stop it looking too crazy!) and trying to do each stripe combo each day. Don’t think I’m going to get today’s done as I’m chatting to you lovely people! It is real fun opening each door and seeing the next little ball of cute colour waiting. I am making “a thing”, that means its an oblong, with a set width, but unknown finished length, that  could end up as all manner of things…a shrug, a blanket, a floor cushion, a shawl, depending on how it looks when its done. What is great fun is the freedom not having to choose the colours is giving me. The stripes are really bold and varied colours, but all seem to go together with the calming influence of cream. I think it will need a border of some kind, what do you think?

Ripples of colour
Ripples of colour
More ripples of colour
More ripples of colour








Well, I’m going to do some more crochet..have a look at what my new “friend” attic 24 Lucy says about the comfort of crocheting in bed….!!

Bye for now, Caroline

Santa toy with yarns
Christmas Surprises from Santa and Gorgeous yarns

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