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I’m looking forward to the next few weeks for lots of reasons! I love this time of year, the countryside seems so green and fresh, (especially after the rain showers we keep having) and its the time when I think our garden at Gorgeous Yarns HQ looks at its best. Here are some photos of an rhododendron, the colour reminds me of Kettle Yarns Wimbledon Mellon Balls and Sherbert, what do you think? I am looking forward to the leaves on the golden sycamore that shades part of the garden coming into full leaf, these tiny leaves look so delicate.


Rhododendron flower
Lovely pinky peach flower head
Kettle Yarns Wimbledon
Melon Balls colour, Wimbledon yarn


Kettle Yarns Wimbledon
Sherbert Yarn colour

Most of all, I’m looking forward to being at Proper Woolly and at the Royal Cornwall Show. They will be a new venture for me and Gorgeous Yarns, I have often been to shows, both county shows and wool/fibre focused ones, but never been as a seller. I’m excited to meet our customers, new and old, and to share my enthusiasm about just how gorgeous our yarns are. I have had a practice with the layout for Proper Woolly, but due to space demands, I can’t take the whole e-shop! I’m taking as varied and interesting a selection as I can, but if you are planning to come to Proper Woolly and you are looking for something specific, please e-mail me so I can make sure I have what you might be looking for.

Have a look at the initial layout pictures….

Practice layout for wool show
Practicing for Proper Woolly
Table layout for wool show
Practice stand set up for Proper Woolly
Practice Stand set up for Proper Woolly
Practice Stand set up for Proper Woolly


I will be at Royal Cornwall Show with my friend and fellow yarn colleague Steph Thornton of Perran Yarns. Gorgeous Yarns has some of her wonderful hand dyed yarns, but she will have a wider range for you to look at, as well as other Gorgeous Yarns and notions from our range. So a great mixture to choose from, something for every knitter and crocheter. (I am more of a knitter, Steph is a great crocheter so you get both of us in one go!) I’m looking forward to it!

I have made up little “sampling” packs called Petit 4 s and they contain 4x25g of DK yarns from across our range, colour co-ordinated to match, in a lovely box, with 4 patterns for scarves/cowls, and you can make one of these projects with the yarns. They work out at great value, £15, and I anticipate they will be very popular. So, if you haven’t even tried Gorgeous Yarns, this is a great way to sample the yarns, and then hopefully decide which of the yarns you want to make a bigger project with. They make an ideal gift for yourself or for a friend, as they are or made up into one of the projects and popped back in the box and tied with the ribbon.

So, all in all, a lot going on, I’m still writing regularly in Inside Crochet and enjoying the challenge of improving my crochet skills, and more patterns for you in the planning stage.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the spring flowers as much as I am.

Bye for now,



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  1. Hi Caroline, it was lovely to meet you today. Your yarns look great and I’m sure yours and Steph’s stand at Royal Cornwall will be a great success. See you at Proper Wooley!

    1. Hi Claire, nice to meet you too. I am very proud of our yarns, and Stephs Perran yarns as part of our collection are wonderful to use, expertly hand dyed. Look forward to seeing you at Proper Woolly, it’s going to be fun!

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