Look for Colour in Grey Days with Gorgeous Yarns

In these grey January days I have to look for colour or everything becomes a monochrome palette with little to offer respite until the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses appear in the garden and the Daphne share a delightful fragrance. I love daffodils, and love their greeny-yellow colour. I put them on my kitchen window ledge so the sun shines through the petals, it seems to make them even more bright and cheery.

Look for colour, aren't these daffodils beautiful.
Look for colour, aren’t these daffodils beautiful.

The other day I slipped and fell in a car park. I bashed my knee and hip, and grazed and bruised my hands. (luckily no broken bones!) I felt such a twit, splat on the tarmac! I really under-estimated how sore and achy I would feel afterwards, and it has meant that my hands didn’t want to knit or crochet. I felt quite grey.

So…look for colour….I decided to slowly and gently put together a patchwork quilt and look for colour in that. Its for a dear friend who has been having a tough time recently; I know she loves green, so I pulled out all my lovely green fabrics and got to work.OK, it was calm and toning, but it needed a ‘pop’ of colour to lift it. Tah! Dah! Orange-red does the job. What do you think? I’ll keep posting on Instagram as I progress.

Look for Colour quilt


I'[ve also been in discussion with Pipps&co to hand dye a range of 10 colours for Gorgeous yarns on 4ply/DK/Aran Corriedale to join our collection. I can’t wait to have a look at the colours they have come up with. When they are ready an on our site, I’ll let you know. (I’m hoping to design a new pattern for this yarn later this year.)

How about having a look for colour in our kits. There are new ones being added all the time…. I’m always happy to make you up a kit too, just let me know what colours/yarns/pattern you want, and I’ll do the rest and make it really special for you. I’m also very happy to send small samples of yarns if you need to match a particular colour because I realise it can be hard to tell on a digital screen exactly what the colour tones are.

If you are up early, have a look for colour in the sunrises at the moment. This time of year, with the cold crisp weather, there are stunning colours. This morning was a beautiful mix of soft grey, peach and pink, with hints of violet.

Lastly, just to make you smile…Imagine this. I was driving this morning and pulled up behind an old car. On the back, either side of the boot, were “window boxes” filled with violas and ivy. It looked so funny I had to laugh. Just shows, if you look for colour you find it in the strangest places! (Sorry, no photo, I was driving!)

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