100% recyclable mail bags

Look What’s New, 100% recyclable mail bags

100% Recyclable mail bags
Tah Dah! 100%Recyclable mail bags.

After several months of research and testing, I’m pleased to say we now have 100% recyclable mail bags.

You may remember earlier in the year I tested some brown paper mail bags. They were ideal BUT, came with a hefty price and when I posted yarn in them, the yarn was not happy and got “fluffed and scuffed” inside the bag. Not good for Gorgeous Yarns!

There are other paper mail bags (with smoother linings) but they are more expensive still and as a small business I would have to add the cost to our postage charged which I thought you wouldn’t want.

Tah Dah! The 100% recyclable mail bags, pink of course! They are smooth inside and out, obviously waterproof, made from post-consumer waste plastic and are recyclable (4) themselves. I would encourage you to use yours again before recycling so the environment gets the most from our awareness.

Over time I will be replacing all our plastic packaging (like the Kits and 6Sockbox boxes) with recyclable options. Until then let’s reuse what we can. Old plastic boxes are now doing sterling service as mini greenhouses for my dye plant seeds in the dye garden!

It makes sense to me that we re-use and recycle as much as we can, without producing more. I read that every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists somewhere!

What are your thoughts on recyclable packaging?

I believe 100% wool is the ultimate green product. It grows naturally, can be farmed sustainably and composted after you have worn your favourite jumper out. Slow fashion or what? If it is naturally dyed, so much the better! ( I once used an old felted jumper as a hanging basket liner, it worked perfectly!)

Next week I’ll tell you a bit more about a 100% wool product, Frangipani Guernsey 5 ply that we proudly stock.

Bye for now,

Bye for now!
Bye for now!

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