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A little of what you fancy does you good!

I think a little of what you fancy does you good! I’ve been seeing so much yellow in the fashion magazines, on the high street and even in the fields of daffodils round here, I had a fancy to dye yellow.

I’ve been using Dyer’s chamomile, on a merino/silk/bamboo yarn…..

The flowers are so pretty, and the smell of soothing chamomile certainly made me feel good as they simmered to make the dye. (I drink Chamomile tea at bedtime, this is a different plant, but smells the same.)

The first yarn to come out of the dye bath was a strong egg yolky yellow, almost orangey yellow, amazing! Next a softer bright yellow, and so on through the yellow colour palette to pale primrose.

Egg Yolk yellow Cahmomile dye
Egg Yolk yellow Chamomile dye
Chamomile Dye and yarn
Chamomile Dye and yarn








In the end I had a beautiful selection, what do you think? Which do you fancy?

Fancy yellows!
Fancy yellows!


Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? Each month you will get a newsletter delivered to your email box, with special offers, exclusive discounts and free patterns. Its also a chance to catch up on all our news  behind the scenes…. This month’s newsletter will have a free pattern for a crochet cowl. It is crocheted in DK so if you have a skein of DK yarn you had a fancy for and bought at a show, now might be the time to use it!

Talking of shows, the Gorgeous Yarns on the road season starts next month at Cornwoolly. Its a show that’s local to us here at Gorgeous Yarns in Helston, and is a fun event bringing together the best of fibre, yarn, textiles and felt from the southwest. 3 large rooms on 2 floors of  hand dyers, spinners, felt makers, weavers and woolly people, Come and say Hello! Treat yourself to something you fancy!

I had a lovely postcard sent to me this week from a customer, and it means so much to have this feedback. We try to give first class service to all our customers, and I’m always happy to advise if you have a query or are unsure about which yarn to choose. I can even send photos of colour combinations if you are doing FairIsle or colourwork and aren’t sure how colours will look next to each other.

Thank you
Thank you










More dyeing this week, not sure what colour it will be, or what I fancy!

Bye for now,


Hi, we are Gorgeous Yarns
Hi, we are Gorgeous Yarns




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