Keeping cosy with hand knits and crochet

Are you like me at the moment, trying to keep cosy? The weather is awful, storm Imogen is doing her worst here in Cornwall today; the rain lashed down all night, and now we have galloping gales! The arbour bench I love to sit on in the summer to knit or crochet has been blown over and broken and I have no idea where the cover for the barbeque is. Thank goodness for central heating and cosy hand knits to keep me warm.

Roving: I have been knitting with some new yarn, Purely Gorgeous “Roving” which is like our other Purely Gorgeous yarns, it’s organic merino and natural, gorgeous to use and super cosy to feel. It will be available in a kit to make either a cowl, (mmm, cosy!) a chunky texture cushion cover (mmm, trendy!) or a scarf, (mmm, manly!) and will include the very simple patterns for these 3 projects, a 25og skein of Rovings, and a sample of our Soak laundry liquid. I knitted on 12mm needles which felt like tree trunks to me (I’m used to knitting with 3.5mm or 4.0mm) but it knitted up in an easy weekend indoors, and the cushion is now on the sofa waiting for me…. Chunky knits and textures are everywhere at the moment, in fashion and in home design accessories and with a simple make like this kit, you can be on trend in the click of the needles!

Purely Gorgeous Roving
Purely Gorgeous Roving










Crochet: I am still busy with crochet too, I’m making a sample blanket from this month’s Inside Crochet which will keep me cosy when it’s done. I enjoyed making the Advent blanket before Christmas so much that when I saw the pattern in the magazine, and it was a chance to learn new stitches, I had to give it a go. I’ve nearly finished one whole repeat of the pattern rows, but because I’m using finer yarns than the pattern suggests, I will need to repeat it again twice more I think to get a blanket which will be lap size. (At the moment it would make a decorative crochet pelmet!)

Detail of my cosy crochet sampler blanket
Detail of my cosy crochet sampler blanket











Colourful Cardigan: I also have plans to make the crochet cardigan which appears on the front of the Inside Crochet issue 73. Again, I’m not using the yarn they suggest as rainbow colours are not quite my thing, so I’ve got a luscious mix of plum tweedy yarn with 2 yarns from our Eden Cottage Yarns range which I think will look gorgeous. The Eden Cottage yarns are beautifully hand dyed by Victoria Magnus in a range of deep, rich colours that mix well with yarns from other ranges. If you are planning a project like me that mixes yarns and colours and need advice, please feel free to contact me; I do understand how computer screens might not show colours truly, and I can always pop a sample of yarns in the post…

Cosy Colours for a crochet cardigan
Cosy Colours for a crochet cardigan










Remember the teal blue cardigan that I was making, that took me 5 attempts to get right…? Well, it is no more! It just wasn’t working, I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong, so I gave up, and it has been frogged ready to make something else! And the socks I was making in the autumn, still on the needles waiting to be picked up, perhaps I’ll get on with those this afternoon, I need wool socks in this weather to keep me cosy!

What ever you are up to and creating, I hope you keep warm and safe

Bye for now, Caroline

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