Keep Creative and Keep your chin up!

Keep Creative for your Wellbeing and Sanity!

Part of my Keep Creative to do list!

First of all I hope that you and your loved ones are well and coping in this difficult and strange time for us all. I also give grateful thanks to all the health workers, lorry drivers, postal workers, shop keepers etc who are all doing their best for us during this pandemic. Thank You.

I did have an upbeat and light blog post planned for this week, all about spring projects and getting out and about…. this seems inappropriate and irrelevant now.

During these times of encouraged isolation to prevent the spread of this virus it is more important than ever that we take care of ourselves and our well being. For me that means my mental health, and I try to keep creating if I can. Creativity of any kind is like “medicine” to me. I was previously an Occupational Therapist and I understand the value of creativity as part of self care for us all.

I am trying to see this encouraged isolation as a time to catch up and enjoy all the projects I have planned or stashed, the books I will now have time to read and enjoy, the garden that needs some tending, the dye garden plans that can now come to the fore….. I’m sure you have these sorts of plans too.

This beautiful yarn is 4ply alpaca, and it is destined to be a Moebius Cowl, crocheted with a pattern that my friend Barbara gave me recently. I will enjoy the slow-down time of making it and enjoy wearing it out and about when we can again.

Are you now a parent at home with children off school? Why not teach them to knit, crochet, sew? All creative skills that will stand them in good stead as they get older as well as helping them cope with being at home all the time. Please feel free to contact me if you would like advice of where to start teaching these skills, and of course we have yarns and needles/hooks suitable for all projects, including beginners! We also have DIY Dye kits, so you can dye your own yarn then use the pattern included to make something with it.

I had a lovely extra with the lampshades I got on Monday from AlisonBickDesigns. She very kindly included some notelet cards for me. I’m going to write to dear friends with them and enjoy that slow time as I write. I often write letters but this will be extra special. It feels really important to keep in touch during these isolated days.

Lastly, a plea from me, and all other small businesses. Please remember us, we are still working if we can, online, and still able to post to you. All items on our website are available and I’m very happy to make up care parcels too, to be sent to a loved one for you. I wash my hands between packing each parcel, and they are then carried to the post office in a zipped up bag. Please help us help the post service by telling us where your parcel can be left outside to avoid contact.

Wishing you well, lets promise to look after ourselves, keep creating and keep in touch virtually.

Bye for now,

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