January Stash busting!

January detox

If you are like me, you will have a stash of yarns from years of careful collecting and curating; Yarns from shows that you couldn’t resist, from the mill you visited, from your local hand spinner, yarn from a KAL you never finished, etc. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking ” oh yes, well that will be nice for…”

Perhaps you have lots of single skeins in your stash (puts up hand sheepishly!). Realistically there are only so many cowls and scarves you want to knit for yourself, and your friends are already lucky recipients of hand knitted gifts. Unless the yarn is suitable for socks, and you are an avid sock knitter, there comes a time when your stash will take over and you will need to live until you are 208 to use it all!

Think of it like a yarn detox. Use or remove yarns from your stash. If you haven’t used it yet, and you bought it more than 10 years ago, are you going to use it? Have your tastes changed? Still love that colour? I don’t want to be the yarn police, a person’s stash size is personal, there’s not one a size fits all policy here are Gorgeous Yarns. But, if the perfect project for that yarn hasn’t appeared yet, and you no longer love the yarn, why not use it for something else?

Stash ideas

Here are a couple of projects I’ve been working on to bust some stash:

Adding details and a new neckline to a hand knit jumper. This jumper was originally cream, got dyed bright blue, then I added the stitching and cowl neck to change it up a bit. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest. Use small bits of yarn for the running stitches, and the rest of those yarns for the new neckline. (I just picked up the cast off stitches and carried on knitting!) This pattern is from the Ziggurat book by Asa Tricosa.

This is one of my favourite bought jumpers. Its 100% wool and very cosy. It got a small stain on the sleeve which won’t wash out. So I decided to add the embroidery to make a feature out of the grey patch. Knowing me, there will be embroidery additions over the months and years of the life of this jumper. I hope it will evolve and tell a story of wear and will be creating something unique.

I have lots of single skeins in my stash that co-ordinate, even if they aren’t all from the same indie dyers. To use them in a project I’m making make a long linen stitch wrap. The colours will move and pool though the piece and It will be a useful, colourful addition to my wardrobe. I’m using 5 skeins of 4ply, and I’ve arranged them in an ombre effect. The palest has been divided (approximately) into 2 x 50g balls and will start and finish the wrap.

If you are in a knit and natter club, how about arranging a yarn stash swap? You take along yarns you want to swap, and then choose who and what to swap with. Yes, its really a thing!

Have a read

This blog from Dora Does is great, have a read!

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