January Blues!

Piece of knitting with change in dye colour
Can you spot the line across the Como shawl?

Hello again, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a dose of January Blues. It seems such  long time until spring will, well, spring! and the days will sunny and no dark cold mornings when you have to get up but want to stay snuggled in bed…. you get the picture! I’m also fed up because, as you can hopefully see from the picture, I haven’t followed my own advice to use 2 skeins at once, and so I have a distinct line on the Como shawl where I changed from 1 skein to the next. Its not a fault with the yarn, its one of the idiosyncrasies of hand dyed yarns that the colour changes, fades in and out along the length. I’m also cross with myself because I’m loving the pattern, loving the yarn, and I can’t leave it like that, so I’ve pulled it back past the colour mark, and I’m now doing it properly, like I should have, with 2 skeins working at one time, 2 rows each skein, alternating. But OH! all that work! So please, if you are knitting something that needs more than 2 skeins, please alternate them and avoid the January Blues!




Striped crochet
Crochet cushion cover, made with Kettle Yarns Wimbledon


As you know, I am learning to crochet. Here is my second project underway, its nearly finished, (but I got side-tracked by the Como catastrophe). Its a long cushion cover, made with Kettle Yarns Wimbledon DK. It has great stitch definition, feels smooth and silky and such lovely colours to choose from. www.gorgeousyarns.co.uk  I like this combination, a bit different, and it will look nice in my son’s bedroom when it’s done. (He may not want a cushion though, he might say its a girl thing!) In which case I will use it on my chair at Gorgeous Yarns HQ. The pattern is from Inside Crochet magazine www.insidecrochet.co.uk , they have lots of lovely patterns, for beginners like me to experienced crocheters who want a challenge. I am still struggling to keep the edges straight, read about it next month in the magazine article I write.




I suppose a sure way to take attention away from the dark mornings, cold, windy weather and dull TV programmes is to plan your spring and summer yarn projects. What are you going to be making…? I am still on the track of cottons for Gorgeous Yarns to stock, I have some samples to try that came today, the colours look good but I will knit them into tension squares and wash them several times before I am happy with them. I have been reading a book called Vintage Design Workshop by Geraldine Warner, published by www.interweave.com which is giving me lots of ideas for designs with a vintage twist on modern favourites. I’ll let you know.

Until next time, I have found a sure way to banish the January Blues, and with love to my Mum in Law Lyn who likes daffodils, lets enjoy this bunch of sunshine!

Bye for now,


Beautiful daffodils to banish January Blues
Beautiful daffodils to banish January Blues
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  1. Caroline the daffs are great .i will be interested in the cotton yarns for summer tops.cant wait to see the colours .xxx

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