In love with Gorgeous Yarns.

I’m in love with Gorgeous Yarns! After doing the stock take last week and being inspired all over again by the colours and yarns that we stock, its official, I’m in love! As you know, Gorgeous Yarns is a dream come true for me, and its wonderful sharing my enthusiasm for hand dyed yarns to knit and crochet with, through my blog and newsletter, and talking to customers. In the hustle and bustle of every day life, its easy to forget the loveliness around us, so in advance of Valentine’s day, here’s a list of things I’m in love with….

Top of the list, Mr Gorgeous Yarns, my wonderful husband M, and our son.

Family, friends and special people in my life

Colours, shapes and textures, especially when created by hand, knitting and crochet

Home-cooked food, especially cake and bread…..think of that wonderful just-cooked hot bread smell……

The garden, growing fruit and vegetables, then cooking them…see above!

Crime drama and history programmes on TV, especially when I’ve got knitting or crochet on the go

Hand knitted socks….see above!

Making garments, home accessories, bags etc for us, or for gifts.

Singing in the Choir  each week, it lifts my spirits and gives me joy.

What are you in love with? Are you like me, enjoying colours and creating? In these dull wintery, wet, windy days, I have put together some daffodil inspired yarns for you to remind us that spring is round the corner. Perhaps you might not make a whole garment from these yellows and greens, but an accessory or colour feature on a garment would be lovely. Our yarns mix so well across the ranges, I’m sure there’s something you will fall in love with.

In love with yellows and greens of spring!
In love with yellows and greens of spring!










Have you ever tried our Soak products? I include a sample with every purchase so you may have that little sachet of woolly love somewhere….This wool wash liquid is designed to be super-gentle on your garments, and all you need to do is use a teaspoon full, and “soak” your wool items. No rinsing or wringing out the woolies, gently lift the soaked garment from the water, lay flat on a towel, gently re-shape and blot excess water, then dry naturally out of direct sunlight. (I sometimes roll up the towel with the garment in to gently press excess water out, but only with robust knits.) Its a simple as that, and is the perfect way to love those hand created lovelies. The small bottles make a perfect gift, especially when added to a gift of Gorgeous Yarns!

Love your woollies with Soak
Love your woollies with Soak









Bye for now,


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