How are you?

How are you?
How are you? What are you making?

It feels such a long time since I checked in with you, how are you? Time seems to be doing strange things at the moment: on the one hand days and weeks seem to be dragging by (thanks to lockdown I suppose) but on the other hand I get to bed each night and think, wow, where did that day go?

How has this time affected you? I have had periods of manic activity, tidying, sorting, stock taking etc and then times when I have felt really flat and lack lustre. I have tried to make sure that each day I have time out to sit quietly and calm my mind. Time for mindfulness and reflection. Often its reading or knitting. It has made me feel more relaxed when I feel anxious and more grounded when I’ve had a phase of whizzy brain. I have enjoyed living more slowly if I’m honest. I have had time to plant more and tend the garden, make bread and cakes with Gorgeous Son and plan new patterns and kits for you. Here are the new Frangipani Guernsey 5 ply Kits…


Have you found any new local shops or resources you didn’t know about? Now large shops are opening again I wonder if our shopping habits will change? I have been much more mindful of what I buy, and want to support my local community ongoing. I have found 2 new local farm shops. (Wow Treleague Dairy, your milk is delicious, and Methleigh Farm Shop, your fruit, veg, cakes and fresh coffee are fabulous!)

Mindfulness feels natural when we are creating something too. That state of mind when you are relaxed and completely absorbed in what you are doing; whether it be knitting, crochet, sewing, gardening….. That moment when you realise time has flown, its later than you thought and you have had a lovely time “in your bubble”.

The April DIY Daylight Dye kit is being rinsed tomorrow and I will post a video of it on our You Tube channel. The featured dye stuff was Dyers Chamomile. Of course chamomile (of the edible variety) is well known for helping us relax and calm. 3 months after starting it, we have a beautiful skein of golden yellow Organic cotton DK.

April DIY Daylight Dye kit
April DIY Daylight Dye kit

So, how are you? I hope you are finding your way in this new “normal” we are all learning. Take time for yourself and enjoy your creative moments of calm.

Bye for now,


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