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Calm is the message, pass it on!

Couldn’t we all do with a bit of daily Calm? In these days when we are all rushing around, so busy and life seems to go faster and faster….. Yoga is having a real revival, but for me, it has always been creating and making that helps calm me.

I was sent this link by a friend of mine while we were working on a project yesterday (more about the project next month), and it sums up everything I have experienced with creative activities.

Knitting and Crochet have now been proven to bring a sense of calm, reduce anxiety, help stabilise mood swings and help your mind focus. They also  help  to distract you from physical and psychological health issues by the soothing comfort of repetitive movements and patterns.

I try to have a daily half hour of knitting or crochet, even if its last thing in the evening to calm my brain ready for bed. (Have also been known to sit in bed and knit socks when I can’t sleep!!) For me, the rhythm of working the stitches, and slowly, gently producing something lovely is always a joy. For this reason, I usually have several projects or WIPs on the go. I don’t want to  struggle with a tricky lacy pattern when I’m trying to relax! For me, knitting socks on 4 DPNs, just round and round is my go-to in the evening (they are called bed socks for a reason!) though a simple scarf or cowl can be a great relaxing, TV watching project.

This is my latest TV watching project. Finished in 10 days, watching Skandi drama box sets. I needed something calming and straight forward to knit so I could read the subtitles and keep up with the story line. The pattern is Whinchat, from the Daughter of a Shepherd Book 1 by Rachel Atkinson. A lovely book with beautiful, well written patterns.

Whinchat,  my latest finished project.

We love to see you posts and photos of WIPs  so don’t forget to keep in touch on our social media pages. And why not let us know how you relax and keep calm.

I’m thinking of joining a yoga class next, we’ll see…..!

Bye for now,


Hi, we are Gorgeous Yarns
Hi, we are Gorgeous Yarns

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