Happy New Year from Gorgeous Yarns!

Happy New Year friends from Gorgeous Yarns! I’m looking forward to another year, and continuing my search for the very best yarns and fibres to knit and crochet with to add to our carefully selected ranges. I hope to find some cottons and a boucle yarn or two, cottons are apparently hard to make colour-fast when they are hand dyed, and tend to fade, so I’m trying to decide whether to have a range of natural yarns for you to use, or even dye yourself, or to have hand dyed or Indie dyed yarns, with the proviso that they may run or fade. Please do let me know what you think…

There are lots of vintage style fashions around at the moment, from vintage stores selling lovely old garments, to shapes and trends in the high street fashions. Knitting and crochet have never been so popular as people want to make and wear unique, hand made, long lasting garments, perhaps even using vintage patterns. I love boucle yarn, I know its an “old fashioned” yarn, but that look is right up to date again. So, I’ll keep searching, and you’ll be the first to know when I find a boucle yarn that’s beautiful and worthy to take its place in the Gorgeous yarns store!

I don’t tend to make resolutions in the New Year, it’s such a dreary time of year, the weather is dull, cold and grey and I just don’t want to be struggling to keep a resolution, and feeling guilty when I don’t achieve it. However, last year, I decided  I would teach myself to Crochet properly, so it’s a kind of resolution I suppose. I’m really enjoying the challenge, I look forward to a quiet evening hooking (so to speak!) and I’m amazed how beautiful even simple stitches are. I’ve made a crochet cowl, a plaited cowl and I’m now working on a crochet cushion from a magazine.  http://www.insidecrochet.co.uk/magazine/issue/59/  I have already discovered that crocheting 2 pieces together, and keeping edges straight are 2 things I need to focus more on, but overall its great fun! I am chatting about my learn to crochet experiences in Inside Crochet magazine each month this year, so catch up with me there too!

Gorgeous Yarns have plans for another unique colourway from Perran yarns following the great success of toffee apple, there are only a few skeins left of this gorgeous yarn, hand dyed by my clever friend  Steph, so grab one while you still can, and make yourself something cosy for this grey weather. We have a new pattern called the Alice Cowl, (finally I got round to sorting out the pattern!) so perhaps you could make yourself an Alice Cowl. I’ll include the pattern free with Toffee Apple because it will work so well!

What have you got planned for 2015, in the creating and making project bag? I’d love to hear from you, with your news and WIP, (I’m STILL working on the Como shawl/wrap, spotted a mistake so had to take it all back! Grr! More about that next time!)

Here’s wishing us all a creative, happy and healthy New year!

Bye for now,



Silver grey hand knitted cowl
Silver grey cotton and silk yarn short cable cowl
Golden yellow crochet cowl
Perran Yarn Golden Sands colour crochet cowl
Winter colour from Gorgeous Yarns
Winter colour from Gorgeous Yarns

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