Hands Together for Hand made

I’ve been thinking about hands and hand made.

Our hands are probably the hardest working part of our body.  Our hands make things, bake things, smooth things, comfort things, help and hold, caress and create…. and are in constant action if you are anything like me! Even when I’m watching TV my hands are busy knitting or crocheting! In an odd way, I think we take the work of our hands for granted. Perhaps that’s why hand made things are sometimes seen as “less” than shop bought, mass produced items, but I think hand made is so much better!

Well, I’d like to bang the drum for hand made things! (That’s another thing I’m metaphorically doing with my hands!) I recently found and reposted a clip on Facebook which explains the time and relative costs involved in a handmade crochet shawl. It’s very thought provoking and I have had lots of positive comments about it. It’s easy to look at something hand made and think, “oh that’s expensive, I could buy that cheaper in a shop”, or “I could make that”. You are not just buying the item; you are paying for the hours of work those hands took to create it, and the commitment of that artisan to their craft.

Hands together for Hand made
Hands together for Hand made

Some of you may know that I work part time as an Occupational Therapist in a Rheumatology department. A large proportion of my work is focused on patients’ hands and how to enable the patient to keep going and keep independent with activities. When I knit or crochet, I am aware of what my hands are doing, and have sought ways to make tasks easier. I now use Cubics knitting needles and ChiaoGoo  crochet hooks which I find “work” for my hands and keep my joints comfortable. I love creating knitted and crocheted projects, as gifts or for myself or our home. (Crochet blanket just finished….) These projects are unique and special.

Are you thinking of making any gifts for Christmas this year? I think there is nothing nicer than receiving a hand made present, whether you have made it yourself or supported local artisans at craft markets by buying their wares. There is time, love and dedication woven into each creation and each item is likely to be individual. Who wants mass produced when a hand made gift is so personal and unique?

Hand Made hex crochet blanket
Hand Made hex crochet blanket

Here are links to craft markets around the country if you aren’t in the mood to make your own gifts, and you can enjoy the warm glow of giving something hand made and a bit different….Have a look at this artisan who makes the most fabulous wooden yarn bowls. ( Yarn bowls ) I just can’t tell you how lovely these are, how smooth to touch and use for your yarns.

Yarn Bowl, Hand Made
Yarn Bowl, Hand Made

Here are links to Christmas project sites for knitters (  Knit-Gift-Guide  ) and crocheters (  21-Easy-Crochet-Christmas-Gifts )  if you are inspired to have a go and make gifts yourself….

Bye for now, I’m off to start my next crochet project!




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