Hand Dyed and Lovely!

Hand Dyed and lovely!

I had a great time at the StitchFest SW show in Totnes last weekend with my friend Steph Thornton of Perran Yarns. We both enjoyed the show very much and commented on the variety of yarn related exhibitors there were. Of special interest to both of us were the hand dyed artisan yarns. It was fascinating to see the variety of colours and combinations, and the different ways the yarn companies presented their hand dyed lovelies. There really was something for everyone; from soft, subtle colour palettes through to vibrant contrasts, with neon and shocking pink in between. I’d love to see the socks some of the yarns would make!

I love Steph’s yarns very much, the colour ranges are clever and beautiful; some gentle and calm, some brighter with more contrast but never clashing or outlandish.  They are hand dyed on different bases and yarn weights so there will be a colourway and yarn to suit every project. And if Gorgeous Yarns and Perran Yarns don’t stock exactly what you want, the lovely Steph will custom dye yarn for you.

The yarn pictured above is some wool and seacell, hand dyed by our friend Sara, and spun by Jenn Miles for me. I can’t wait to get going and knit or crochet something with it; look at the beautiful colours!

I am looking at a new hand dyed yarn to join our collection, and blendability with other yarns is important so you can choose yarns from across our ranges to mix and match and get exactly what you want for your project to make it unique. I think I have found “the one” to join Gorgeous Yarns, and I will be posting more about this in the New Year, with perhaps a launch special offer.

Last year in the 24 days of December before Christmas, you may remember I crocheted a wavy blanket using 25g balls each day from the advent calendar I had. Well, it generated a lot of interest and I made new internet friends as a result who have continued to follow and support Gorgeous yarns ever since. So this year I’m going to do something similar…. Remember I did some natural hand dyeing earlier in the year? I’m planning to use all those mini balls of hand dyed loveliness, with some Purely Gorgeous natural yarn to make another blanket in the run up to Christmas this year too. I found having 25g of yarn was enough to do, but gave me an hour of calm in the hectic busyness  that December can bring. Perhaps you have oddments of yarn in your stash, or would like to try some of these hand dyed “twist” yarns from Kettle Yarn Co and make a blanket along with me. I’ll post the wavy pattern when we start.


More ripples of colour
More ripples of colour

natural Dyed yarns drying in the sun


Yarn Bowl, Hand Made
Natural hand dyed yarn

I will be running a competition in the first 12 days for Christmas, and on the 12th day, the winner will be announced. More information about this in next week’s blog….but it will definitely include some hand dyed yarns!

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