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More Gorgeousness at Gorgeous Yarns HQ


More gorgeousness has arrived at Gorgeous Yarns HQ! This time its lovely hand dyed yarns from Eden Cottage, the colours are really beautiful, and Victoria Magnus of is a very skilled yarn artist to dye such amazing colours. There are subtle, gentle variations in the skeins which give a soft glow to the yarns somehow. Yes, I know, I’m sounding all arty, but these yarns are inspirational! I have tried to choose a range of her colours for you, so there is something to suit everyone, and in 3 weights of yarn, most projects can be made with these yarns.  I will be designing a pattern with these yarns in the coming weeks. watch the website for more details.

I am also waiting for yarns from Pirkka Lanka to arrive. In case you haven’t heard of them, they are a company in Finland who spin and dye wool, and supply it in 2 weights, approximately a 4 ply and an Aran knit, but I am knitting tension squares with different needles to be sure for you. Similar to Eden Cottage yarns, the colour choice was  extensive, so I have selected a mixture of colours across the range in the hope that there will be just the colour you are looking for to make something special for a special someone. These yarns just have numbers, so I thought I would name them, its easier for me than remembering numbers, and I think it helps bring the colours alive. After all, what does  305 mean compared to Dark Damson purple……    More gorgeousness, thats for sure.


Lake Como 2014

We have recently got back from our holiday. We went to Lake Como in Italy, and I was inspired by the colour of the lake, the steep hillsides  and the jagged coastline to design a pattern for a poncho/wrap, using Pirkka Lanka. I will let you know how its coming on over the next few weeks. I’m fairly sure it will have cables on the sides to represent the road and winding paths that follow the coastline, and I have chosen a blue green colour (414) for the water. Perhaps I should call the colour “lake”. Here’s a picture of Lake Como, so give you an idea of why I’ve been inspired.





I’ll be sending out another newsletter at the end of the month, please tell your knitting and crochet friends to sign up as I am planning a competition in the October newsletter  to win some yarn and needles.

Bye for now, Caroline

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